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Introducing The Human Design Generator: Strategy, Authority and Best Tips

Human Design generators (this also includes manifesting generators) are a type of personality that makes up about 70% of the population.

They’re people-oriented and are often the life of the party.

Generators are also hard workers and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. In their careers, they often excel in roles that require them to be engaged with others. Generators are outgoing, sociable, and thrive on human interaction.

They’re the thinkers, planners, and executors of the world, always in motion, seeking new ways to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

In this post, we’ll discuss what generators are and how to get the most out of your generator type.

human design generators

What is a Generator Aura?

The generator aura is a type of energy field that surrounds the human body. They have an open and enveloping aura.

They’re always in contact with others and their energy flows outwards.

The generator aura is one of the unique and interesting types of auras out there. With this aura, generators are very much in touch with themselves and their surroundings. They’re also very open-minded and willing to try new things. 

What is the Not Self theme for a Generator?

The not self theme for a generator is frustration.

Generators are always pushing themselves to be better and do more.

They’re their own worst critic and often feel like they’re never good enough (which can be true if they have an open will center).

This can lead to a lot of frustration, especially when things don’t go the way they planned.

However, generators can use this energy to drive them forward and achieve their goals.

What is the Success Theme for a Generator?

When a generator is living true to their human design, they’ll experience satisfaction in their lives because they’re doing what they like to do – create and innovate.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than using one’s talents to make a positive impact on the world. If you’re a generator, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and pursue your passions.

image of human design generators
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What is the Authority for a Generator?

In the human design system, not all generators are here to make spontaneous decisions.

If you’re a generator, it’s very important to understand how to follow your authority and sacral energy correctly so that you can be successful.

All generators have a defined sacral center. There are three types of authority:

Emotional Authority

This is a generator with definition in the solar plexus center. 50% of the population has a defined solar plexus.

Individuals with emotional authority decide based on their feelings and intuition, rather than on facts or logic.

The big thing to keep in mind here is to take your time when deciding, as your decisions depend on your emotional wave. You need to at least sleep on it or wait out the cycle of your wave before taking any action.

Generators with this type of authority aren’t afraid to show their emotions, and they often use them to connect with others.

With this type of human design authority, you may find yourself drawn to careers or relationships that allow you to express your feelings.

Creative pursuits may attract you that allow you to express yourself emotionally.

No matter what you do with your authority, remember that it’s an important part of who you are. It can be a great strength, and it’s something that you can use to your advantage.

image of human design splenic generator

Splenic Authority

Individuals with splenic authority have a defined spleen and make decisions based on the moment. This definition also gives them a sense of security.

Their actions are often driven by their feelings. They’re very in touch with their own emotions and the emotions of those around them. They’re very expressive and often have a strong sense of intuition.

If you have splenic authority, you likely approach life with a lot of spontaneity and feeling. You decide based on what you’re sensing in the moment, which can make you very adaptable.

You’re also likely to be very expressive and intuitive.

You may find yourself drawn to fields that allow you to use your intuition and express your emotions, such as art, music, or acting.

You may also be interested in helping others connect with their emotions or providing emotional support. Whatever you do, you’re likely to approach it with a lot of feeling.

image of human design pure generator

Sacral Authority

In human design, the sacral authority is the generator’s primary source of fuel for work and life force energy.

A pure generator is someone that has a defined sacral center without connection to their throat center.

It’s also the motivating force behind their decisions and actions.

A generator with a strong sacral authority is usually highly creative, resourceful, and driven to achieve their goals. They’re often natural leaders and visionaries.

A pure generator with a weak or undeveloped sacral authority may struggle to find motivation or direction in life.

They may feel lost or unfulfilled.

It’s important for them to learn how to connect with their sacral authority and harness its power.

When they do, they can tap into a deep well of creativity, drive, and purpose.

If you’re a generator reading this, ask yourself: How in touch am I with my sacral authority?

wait to respond strategy of human design generator

What is the Strategy for a Generator?

Human design generators are here to use their energy to create change in the world.

They have the unique ability to take action and make things happen. But before taking action on the big things in life, such as saying yes to a marriage proposal or accepting a new position, a generator must wait for the response from their sacral center before taking that action.

It’s about finding the right time to take action based on an external response. This can look like getting an email that confirms the direction you want to move in or seeing an ad on YouTube about an idea you were wondering about.

It can also be an internal response, such as a feeling in your gut or a dream that you had.

When you’re in tune with your sacral center, you’ll know what the right action is for you to take.

Tips on How to Get the Most out of your Generator Energy Type

If you’re a human design generator, it’s essential to learn how to follow your authority and strategy correctly.

Here are some tips:

-Allow yourself to be in the moment and take action based on your feelings.

-Be patient and trust the process.

-Follow your intuition and listen to your body.

-Find the balance between taking action and being at peace with yourself.

-Use your energy to create change in yourself and in the world.

-Know when it’s time to take action and when it’s time to relax and let things happen.

-Allow yourself to be who you are.

-Trust your intuition and instincts.

Listen to your body and what it is telling you.

-Stay positive and don’t let your energy get drained by negative people or situations.

image of question answering questions for human design generator


What type of person is a generator?

A human design generator is a person who is here to use their energy to create change in the world.

They have the unique ability to take action and make things happen. But before taking action on the big things in life, they must wait for the response from their sacral center.

Can generators still manifest?

According to some researchers, we can manifest our own reality. The theory goes that our thoughts and emotions act as a powerful magnet, attracting whatever it is we’re focusing on. So, if we focus on positive things, we’re more likely to attract positive experiences into our lives.

If we focus on negative things, we’re more likely to attract negative experiences. In either scenario, you’re still manifesting!


When a generator is in tune with their inner authority, they can use their energy to create change in their lives and in the lives of others.

They can take action and make things happen. But before taking action on the big things in life, they must wait for the response from their sacral center.

If you’re a generator and you want to learn how to use your energy in the right way, consider booking a human design reading.

In this reading, you’ll understand your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also learn about your sacral authority- the part of you that allows you to take action and make things happen.

By understanding yourself better, you can start using your unique gifts to create change in your life and in the lives of others.

Are you ready to begin? Book a one-on-one reading with me today!


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