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Generators: How To Know Thyself

sacaral center human design
Life is generated from the Sacral “ Ra Uru Hu

Generators are one of the 5 human design energy types making up almost 70% of the world’s population.

They have a defined sacral center which is the center for work life energy and sexuality.

They’re powerful beings with untapped potential here to know themselves. When they use their strategy correctly, they’ll know what satisfaction is.

The aura of a generator is enveloping and takes in everything. As a result, this leaves a generator deeply vulnerable to conditioning because they open up themselves to everything around them.

Generator children come into the world conditioned by their parents who tell them to initiate. 

For example, perhaps you come from a family of doctors going back 5 generations. 

It’s expected by everyone that you’ll go to college and become a doctor too. But what if deep down inside your dream is to become a ballet dancer? How do you tell your parents that? You don’t. You suck it up and start studying for the GMAT.

Are you a generator?

You were most likely taught things such as:

  • what to do
  • not do
  • what to say
  • what not to say
  • using your mind to make big decisions to figure things out

Initiation is death to a generator. But we’re taught by our family, society, peers, preachers, and priests to do, do, do (even if something inside isn’t jiving).

What ends up happening?

You take on layers upon layers of other people’s opinions of you. Their insecurities. Their fears. Their disappointments. Their frustrations and anger (aka their shit).

Essentially, you live a life that isn’t YOU.

Ra once said:

Generators are here to trust so deeply in the nature of being itself, it will provide.

But we don’t trust.

Instead, we end up believing:

  • life has to be complicated or hard in order to work 
  • we don’t believe ourselves worthy (can be true for those with an open will center)

There’s a silver lining in the clouds.

Generators have the potential to wake up quickly. 

If and when a generator wakes up, your process of living your strategy is available to you immediately. 

No other human design energy type has a center of its own ability in creating life itself.

This isn’t the case for any of the other nonenergy human design types (manifestors, projectors, or reflectors).

What is the strategy for a generator?

Simply wait for the response. Wait for the answers to come from within using your sacral as your inner compass.

Sit down with someone you trust(but don’t do this exercise with your significant other) and have them ask you endless questions about everything. Listen to your sacral response. Use this as your inner guide to get to know who you are. Take notice of the answers. 

When you wait for the response, you’ll have tons of energy to commit to the right work, feeling deeply satisfied in the process. 

But if you make a decision by not waiting for the response, you’ll be in trouble. 

You can find yourself in situations draining your energy, leaving you utterly exhausted and frustrated.


Because for most of your life, your sacral has been repressed and stripped of its innate inner intelligence. In essence, you’ve become a slave to society’s rules and expectations.

All you have to do is respond. Your decisions have to be made in response and in the process, you’ll discover yourself.

Here’s a page out of Ra’s playbook:

Take a week out of your life and only respond. Don’t make mental decisions, you’ll see it’s different. Experiment with your strategy. 

The thing is, generators are born to know themselves, not anyone else. Their number one imperative is who am I. 

It’s nothing personal.

Think of it like an insatiable thirst to find the holy grail.

The time spent by a generator in introspection and questioning their life experiences ultimately serves to elevate the consciousness of all.



source: Ra Uru Hu Jovian Archive

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