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Living The Way Of The Tao

38 gate of the fighter human design

The third line of the Chinese I’Ching hexagram is defined in my human design personality moon and design moon (the 3rd line also appears in other gates in my design but for this post I’ll discuss my moon lines only).

Simply put, the gates of the moon placements describe what drives you. 

My personality gate is in the Gate of the Fighter (38.3), located in the Root center in the Knowing circuit. The Knowing circuit just knows. I don’t know how I know some things I just do. It has nothing to do with logic. It’s instinctual.

The personality side of your human design chart shows what you have constant access to on a conscious level, what you are aware of.

It also shows how other people, such as friends, family, or co-workers would describe you. What would your friends say about YOU? Would they describe you as someone who is kind, funny, and intelligent? 

The Gate of the Fighter is about knowing in the end what is worth fighting for in life. 

The lower frequency or shadow of this gate is Struggle (source Gene Keys).

This gate is deeply connected to individual health and well being. Lord knows I’ve had big struggles with my health due to chronic hip pain.

The first three lines of a gate represent the lower trigram of the Chinese I’Ching hexagram and are personal lines. This means that they are quite fixed and introspective.

The 3rd line in human design represents adaptation, experimentation or what Ra Uru Hu (founder of the human design system) used to say trial and error.

In 2013, I took the Gallup CliftonStrengths which revealed that one of my top 5 strengths is adaptation.

As this is my Hanged Man year, I’m experimenting with my intentions in a suspended state.

I’m currently reading Wayne Dyer’s book The Way of the Tao ( I have several of his books).

I got to verse 20 of his interpretations of Lao Tzu’s 81 verses and was struck with an epiphany (ah ha like the Hanged Man).

What would happen if I wrote down a brief summary of each verse on a cue card then read them aloud to myself each day?

What could each day look like within my personal and business relationships by living the way of the Tao?

Well I’m always up for a challenge!

The very first verse of the Tao is so powerful (all the verses are powerful in their own way). Here’s what’s summarized on my cue card:

note card with Tao verse

I don’t know about you but I have always tried to figure things out.

My strategy as, a manifesting generator, is to wait for the response.  As Ra said, the main thing is to follow your strategy and authority.

I’m experimenting with waiting for the response before making big decisions, to hold back from sponataneoulsy jumping into things (unlike the old days). 

Generators (which make up about 70% of the human population) aren’t here to be spontaneous. Yet, many people including myself have been taught or conditioned to ignore their intuition and charge head on only using their minds to make huge life decisions. 

I thought I had to figure things out in my head in order to find solutions so I could make the “right” decisions. Not true.

But I only know about this life altering secret after discovering human design

Reading my cue cards daily serves as a reminder for two purposes:

  • Practice living out my strategy and authority every day. 
  • Embody the principles of the Tao so I can experience a fullfilying and enriching life.

Another powerful verse from the Tao that I’ve summarized below and must share with you:

Allow yourself to hold opposite thoughts without canceling them out. Both sides are two aspects of a union.

Whoa! The reason I find this verse so mindblowing is that human beings are a binary consciousness.

In human design, our personality and design sides want nothing to do with each other. They are at odds with one another but the two sides are there.

It’s masculine and feminine. Up and down. 

When you begin to see the duality within you, the only way to bring together the two aspects of yourself together and to accept both is through utilizing your strategy.

This knowledge is echoed back in the last line of the verse.

It’s ok to be doubtful or have thoughts such as “man, I wish I had listened to my gut feeling about that co-worker” (in my case, true story). 

This is who you are so embrace the two sides of you. It’s what makes you unique.

Are you curious about your human design authority? I invite you to contact me today to learn more about booking a human design reading.


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