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2022: Time Out

I’m trying a new experiment this year.

(Last year was okay so I’m shakin’ things up).

I’ve declared to myself (and the shadows within) that 2022 is going to be my best year EVER!

My power word for this year is Eminence. (I’ve never declared a power year word before). This word was randomly generated from a website so it holds more meaning for me somehow.

I came across another blog post from Benebell Wen’s site and decided to do the Tarot Year Card spread created by Mary K. Greer. It takes you through a reflection of the previous year in addition to the upcoming year outlining the major themes you may experience in your life.

This tarot spread was just what I needed to assist me in creating meaningful yearly goals. After using the spread and some of the simple calculations, my Tarot Year Card for 2022 is the Hanged Man, Key 12 from the Major Arcana. 

I won’t be providing a definition of the Major Arcana tarot cards in this post (frankly that would be more than one post). If you’re curious, I encourage you to spread your wings and go out into the Internet in search of the answers.

The Hanged Man card is a very interesting one indeed.

(Rider-Waite Tarot Deck)

Some keywords of this card are:

  • Patience and waiting (Lord knows I continually work on these themes).
  • Creating space in the mind (I have a very busy, active and fast mind as seen in my human design bodygraph).
  • Art of simply allowing (working on letting things that aren’t really important go).
  • Peace with oneself (I’ve been implementing daily practices to create more of this in my life).

To sum up the Hanged Man card, its main theme is about seeing things from a new perspective. This is why the man on the card is hanging upside down. He’s taking the time out to do so and in the process, he can gain new insights.

It’s all about a passive approach and quieting the mind. As for me, this is something I’ve been continuously working on since learning my human design energy type (I’m a manifesting generator).

It’s funny.

When I was in my late 20’s, I had a feeling that one day I would study Tarot and here I am much later doing just that (not revealing my age here sorry not sorry).

In this tarot reflection, I wrote in my tarot journal some of my intentions and how I want to feel this year in my coaching practice, in relationships with my family, with my personal development, and my emotional and mental well being.

I’m going to suspend from the tree of life just like the Hanged Man, taking the year to contemplate so I can gain a new perspective and open my mind to new possibilities.

I’m very curious and excited to discover what kind of interactions I’ll have with others or what I’ll learn about myself while in my “suspended” state.

I’ve also started working on a section in my tarot journal dedicated to my Hanged Man year with a collection of quotes, mantras and journaling prompts.

One mantra I love from Katie Fowlie’s blog post:

“Surrender to awaken”

I get shivers when I say those three words to myself.

As I said, 2022 is going to be THE year. My year to accomplish my goals while embracing the fear and takin’ it along for the ride.

Because let’s face it.

Fear is a deeply embedded part of us. It’s primal and serves to keep us alive. 

Sadly the confusion begins when someone believes their fear is actually keeping them stuck in a never-ending looping story of defeat and limitation. 

Listen, if you don’t leave the nest (aka your comfort zone) at some point,  you’ll never truly know what’s out there waiting for you on the other side.

Stay tuned as I share more adventures from my suspended state. 

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