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How to Connect to Your Higher Self in 20 Minutes

I sit at my desk with my chocolate protein shake looking forward in anticipation to see what the Universe is going to reveal to me today.

Tarot cards are now a non-negotiable part of my daily morning routine.

As the readings pile up, I notice the connection between myself and Source continuing to grow deeper.

My human design chart reveals I have a defined gate which shows up in at least 4 other placements in my chart. It’s pretty clear this gate is quite important for my soul and design evolution.

It’s called the Determination of the Self (gate 46). This gate has a lot to do with learning to love and be fully in your body.

I’ve had numerous depressing challenges with my body in the past due to Ankylosing Spondylitis (you can read about my journey with AS on my monthly WedMD blog).

I use to curse my body for letting me down and had one foot in the past remembering all I could do before chronic pain seeped into my life.

Before divin’ in deep into the Tarot, I really didn’t get it. Now I’m starting to see what the big deal is all about.

Since the summer, I’ve been studying Tarot like a madwoman.

I record the spread in my Tarot journal, reflect on the colors and symbolism and then let my pen fly across the page.

I write about the possible messages from Source allowing my intuition to guide my hand.

While on my Tarot quest, I’ve consulted many tarot blogs. One tarot blogger I’ve recently discovered and can’t get enough of is Benebell Wen.

I’m madly in love with her blog. Oh my Lord, I could spend all day on her site but I have a coaching practice to run!

She’s a certified Tarot master studying Tarot for over 15 years AND a full-time practicing lawyer. I honestly don’t know where Benebell finds the time to create AMAZING free courses and resources.

Below is a video of a very beautiful healing the body tarot spread that she demonstrates using the Queen of Pentacles as the significator card:

I’ll definitely be taking one of her paid courses in the future! I have my eye on her Astrology course (another deep rabbit hole I’ve fallen into but I don’t want to ever climb out).

I’ve learned so much about myself by reading my cards each day. And let me tell you, the cards are bang. on. accurate. It’s quite freaky.

In my past life as a corporate employee in the financial services industry, I worked from a place of trying to prove myself.

I hustled my ass off. I stayed late when it wasn’t necessary. I went in at the crack of dawn when I really didn’t have to.

I believe I did it because I wanted to prove to myself and others I was the model employee. I think I was looking for praise or some kind of validation. If I received a compliment for my work, it meant more to me than receiving a Starbucks gift card for $50.

Man, have I come a long way…

What’s my biggest takeaway about the Tarot?

Tarot cards are an extremely powerful self-development tool to use so you can connect to your Higher Self. 

You don’t need to call up your mommy for her opinion on whether or not you should ditch your partner because they’re constantly complaining about why you have to cancel date night plans due to your recent flare.

The cards provide all the answers for you.

My Tarot cards continue to amaze me. Knowing me, I’ll probably take a certification course in the not too distant future.

Have I struck some curiosity in you about using Tarot cards? Good, go out and buy a deck.

What’s a question you would love to ask Source right now? Leave it below.



In the meantime, if you’re struggling with pain and have no clue how to manage it, learn more about my personal coaching program.


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