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The Real Truth About Manifesting

I’m currently studying a book entitled Creating on Purpose written by Anodea Judith & Lion Goodman. 

They share how to use the chakras to manifest anything in your life.

It’s really a mini-course disguised as a book.

What many people fail to understand about manifesting is there are actually two currents involved.

Most people may be aware of the current running up from the root chakra (earth) to the crown chakra (the Universe). This is known as the liberating current where you work on clearing any blocks in your chakras.

But I bet you didn’t know about the manifesting current that runs from the crown to the earth chakras! 

It goes a little somethin’ like this.

You’re sick and tired of being in pain 24/7. So you set an intention, I am going to move more (this intention starts from your crown chakra).

The more you think about it, you begin to imagine what your body could feel like in less pain (this is the visualization stage of chakra 6). You picture yourself being able to get out of a chair more easily or walk up the street with less effort.

You talk about (throat chakra 5-communication) your plans for a new exercise routine with your partner. So you ask your partner if they could watch the kids a few evenings in the week because you want to walk outside… by yourself.

At this point though, you may start thinking “who the heck am I to be doing this! The last time I tried to do this, it didn’t work.” Now you’re discouraged.

As you continue to try and create a less painful body, this new intention you’ve set continues to move from your throat chakra down to eventually your root chakra. As it does your idea will face more obstacles.


Obstacles are inevitable. They happen when you’re trying to bring something you really want into your life. 

They’re not there to stop you but to strengthen and help you tweak your plans.

Nothing new can be created in your life without encountering resistance along the way. 

Anodea Judith

Drop the mic and exit stage left. This is HUGE.

And this is where a lot of people get tripped up.

But not you!

Action Step

What can you do today to strengthen your manifesting muscles?

Ponder some daily questions and throw it out there to Source. 

Let it go. Your mind isn’t designed to answer your questions (but we’ve been conditioned by society, family, and religion to use our minds to make hugely important decisions and ignore our gut feelings aka our intuition).

Lookout and watch what answers the Universe throws back at ya!

What happened the last time you tried to make one of your ideas a reality and you met with resistance? Comment below.




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