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Tarot Cards and the Sacral Chakra: How to Increase Your Creativity

Are you feeling creatively stuck and you’re not sure how to get out of the rut?

It’s frustrating when you feel you’re not able to come up with any new ideas.

The sacral chakra is associated with creativity and sexuality, so when it’s deficient or excessive in energy, we can experience creative blocks.

Tarot cards can help.

By using Tarot cards, you can explore what’s blocking your creativity and work through those blocks so you can increase your chances of creating anything you want.

In this post, I’ll show you exactly how to do that!

sacral chakra

What is the sacral chakra and what does it do?

The sacral chakra is below the navel in the lower abdomen. It’s associated with creativity, sexuality and handles our ability to feel pleasure and joy.

Sacral Chakra:

  • Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana, which means “sweetness.”
  • Color: Orange
  • Element: Water
  • Identity: Emotional
  • Shadow: Guilt
  • Development Stage: 6 months to 2 years of age

With a balanced sacral chakra, we’re:

  • creative with sexual energy flowing through us
  • confident and feel connected to our desires
  • creatively expressive and experience pleasure fully

If the sacral chakra is out of balance, we:

  • feel disconnected from our emotions or our sexuality
  • experience a lack of creativity
  • have low self-esteem
  • experience sexual issues
  • lack passion or excitement

The characteristics I’ve mentioned above aren’t a complete list.

rider waite smith tarot cards
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How can Tarot cards help increase your creativity?

The combination of colors, symbols, and archetypes found in the Tarot keys can help to activate the creative flow of energy in the sacral chakra.

In addition, working with the Tarot can help you become more attuned to your inner desires and needs, as this is also a center for your gut instinct.

As you become more aware of what you want and need, you can trust your choices, as they’re in alignment with your highest good.

By working with the Tarot, you can heal and balance your sacral chakra, opening yourself up to greater creativity and pleasure.

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What are some of the best Tarot cards for creativity and the sacral chakra?

The suit of cups (minor arcana linked with the element of water) is often associated with the sacral chakra, as it represents emotions, feelings, and relationships.

Ace of Cups (a minor arcana key) is a potent card for this chakra, as it symbolizes new beginnings, emotional healing, and spiritual purity.

Other strong minor arcana contenders for the sacral chakra include:

  • Two of Cups (harmony and balance)
  • Six of Cups (childhood memories, nostalgia, sexuality)
  • Nine of Cups (wishes come true)

You can also look to the Major Arcana keys that represent change and new perspectives, such as The Tower, The Moon, and The Fool. These keys can help you break free from old patterns and open up to new possibilities.

I like to pull out The Magician major arcana key when I need some creative writing focus. The keywords of this key are “focused concentration.”

I look at it for a few minutes and then write, holding the image of The Magician in my mind.

It works.

This is a practice I learned from the late Dr. Paul Foster Case, whose work is an enormous influence on my development as a tarot reader.

tarot cards with logo create

How can you use Tarot readings to boost your creativity and achieve your goals?

If you’re looking for guidance to help you achieve your goals, consider turning to Tarot readings.

They can provide valuable insights into your subconscious mind, helping you to identify and overcome any obstacles that may hold you back.

Understanding the symbolism associated with each card can help to spark your creativity and come up with new ideas.

When used correctly, Tarot readings can be incredibly powerful for achieving your goals.

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Tarot major arcana keys for increasing your creativity

Listed below, you’ll discover some of the Major keys you can use to get your creative juices flowing again:

The Magician RWS tarot card

1. The Magician

I mention this key again because it’s a powerful one.

The Magician signifies the power of creativity and the ability to manifest one’s desires.

He reminds us we are the creators of our own lives in partnership with the Universe. Everything we need is already within us to make our dreams a reality.

– Break free from old patterns

– Look for new perspectives

What can you create in your reality with focus and concentration?

2. The High Priestess

This beautiful key suggests that to increase your creativity, you need to go within and access the wisdom of your intuition and subconscious mind.

She teaches us we all have an inner well of creativity and knowledge that we can access if we learn to quiet our minds and listen.

– Go within to access your subconscious mind

– Quiet your mind to listen for guidance

How can you tap into the deep well of wisdom within you so you can create your next masterpiece?

The Empress RWS tarot card

3. The Empress

The union of the Magician and High Priestess, the great mother, signifies abundance, fertility, and creative potential.

The Empress is a reminder that you have everything you need to create something beautiful. Using your imagination is imperative to creating what you want.

– Nurture your imagination

– Trust your ideas

– Pursue your passions

What are some things you could do to develop your imagination?

4. The Emperor

The theme of this key is organization, structure, and discipline.

He suggests you need to set some guidelines and parameters for yourself. By doing so, you’ll see results more quickly.

– Set goals and create a plan of action

– Follow a routine or schedule

– Be patient and consistent with your efforts

What daily routines or structures can you implement to support your creative endeavors?

The Hierophant RWS tarot card

5. The Hierophant

This key represents higher authority. Is there someone you can reach out to who can offer you some sage advice?

This could be a creative mentor, teacher, or even a trusted friend.

– Get feedback from others

– Take a class or take part in a workshop

– Collaborate with other creatives

Who can you turn to for support as you pursue your creative goals?

6. The Lovers

The theme of this key is all about new experiences, growth, and expansion, so be willing to try new things.

Step out of your comfort zone and explore the unknown.

Take some risks and see where they lead you.

You never know what kind of brilliance you may find when you let go and allow.

What new things are you willing to try? What risks are you willing to take?

7. The Chariot

The theme of this key is work, dedication, and determination. You’ll need to put some effort and action into it.

Develop a creative practice you can stick to even when it gets tough.

Be persistent and don’t give up on your dreams. It’s true when they say, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

Some ways this key can help you spark creativity:

– Be persistent and dedicated to your craft

– Put in the work and don’t give up

What are some things you can do to make time for your creativity? How can you stay motivated when things get tough?

8. Justice

If our creative endeavors are to be truly successful, they must be based on truth, fairness, and balance.

All too often, we can get caught up in our egos and allow our fears to take over.

Justice is a reminder we need to stay grounded in our truth and be fair to ourselves if we want to create something of lasting value.

– Get clear on your values and what you want to create

– Be honest with yourself about your creative process

– Make sure your actions are in alignment with your goals

How can you make sure that your creative endeavors are based on truth, fairness, and balance? What adjustments do you need to make to ensure this?

I hope you can see that by working with your sacral chakra and incorporating some of these keys into your practice, you can increase your creativity and bring more balance to your life.

By working with the keys that resonate most with you, you can develop a creative practice that supports your sacral chakra and helps you achieve your goals.

Which of these keys resonates most with you?

Final Thoughts

The sacral chakra is all about creativity, sexuality, and passion.

If you’re feeling creatively blocked, your sacral chakra may be unbalanced.

In this post, you learned how Tarot cards can help you work through creative blocks so you can increase your chances of creating anything you want.

What will you do with this new knowledge?

Pick a card (or two) and see what message they have for you. Take some time to meditate on the advice and see how you can incorporate it into your life.

Trust that you have everything you need to create something beautiful.

The world is waiting for you to share your gifts with it. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative!

Please share this post with a friend who’s also looking for a creative recharge.

Together, let’s help each other increase our creativity and sacral chakra energy so we can create anything we want in this world!

Thanks for reading!

Love and Blessings.


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