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How To Heal Ancestral Chakras Using Tarot Cards

After using the Tarot for personal growth and transformation for the past year, I realize the Major and Minor Arcana Tarot keys offer extremely valuable insights into relationships with our ancestors and their connection to heal ancestral chakras.

In my work as a life coach and Tarot reader, I often encourage clients to connect with their ancestors to heal their own wounds and cultivate a deeper sense of belonging.

Our ancestors hold wisdom and knowledge that can help us understand our lives in a new and powerful way.

While there are many ways to connect with our ancestors, I’ve found that working with the ancestral chakras can be especially helpful.

Each area of life is associated with a different chakra, and by working with these chakras, we can access the wisdom and guidance of our ancestors in a specific area.

In this post, I’ll share what each ancestral chakra represents, and how you can use the Tarot keys to heal and balance your chakras.

heal ancestral chakras

What are the ancestral chakras and what do they do?

Most of us are familiar with the physical body – the one we can see and touch. But did you know that there’s also a subtle body made up of energy channels and seven chakras

Chakras control our physical, mental, and emotional health, and balancing them is essential for wellbeing.

We feel healthy with balanced chakras. But when one or more of them become blocked or out of alignment, we may experience physical, mental, or emotional issues. 

How do I know if my root chakra is blocked?

The first ancestral chakra, also known as the root chakra, is at the base of the spine and is our connection to our family and our ancestors. 

This chakra handles our feeling of safety and security. It’s also the chakra that gives us a sense of belonging. When this chakra is in balance, we experience a sense of solidity and stability. We trust ourselves and others. We have faith in our capacity to fulfill our basic needs.

An unbalanced root chakra can make us feel anxious and disconnected from others. We may also have trust issues or difficulty feeling like we fit in. A blocked root chakra makes it difficult to relax and enjoy life.

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What happens in a blocked sacral chakra?

The sacral is the second ancestral chakra. It’s near the lower abdomen and associated with our sexual and creative energy. 

It’s responsible for our ability to create and enjoy pleasure, as well as our capacity for intimacy and emotional connection. We are secure in our sexuality, and we may give and receive pleasure without embarrassment or hesitation.

When this energy center is out of balance, we may have sexual difficulties, low self-esteem, or difficulty connecting with others emotionally.

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solar plexus chakra

What causes solar plexus imbalance?

The third chakra, known as the solar plexus chakra, is located just above the navel. Our power and will are associated with this chakra.

When the solar plexus chakra is in balance, we feel confident and self-assured. It allows us to set boundaries, stand up for ourselves, and find direction in life. 

However, blocked solar plexus chakra symptoms can lead to feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness. Others may easily control or manipulate us. Last, we may also struggle with decisions or setting boundaries. 

What causes heart chakra blockage?

The fourth chakra is at the heart and is associated with love, compassion, and forgiveness. 

This chakra handles our ability to give and receive love. With a balanced heart chakra, we feel open and loving towards others. We can show love freely, with nothing in return. We can also forgive those who have hurt us and move on from past mistakes. 

An imbalanced heart chakra can cause difficulty giving or receiving love, holding onto grudges, and feeling closed off from warmth.

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What does a closed throat chakra feel like?

The throat is the home of the fifth ancestral energy center and is concerned with communication and self-expression.

This chakra helps us to express ourselves clearly and honestly. When this chakra is in balance, we’re able to communicate our needs and feelings openly and honestly. We can also express our creative ideas freely.

If this chakra is unbalanced, we may feel creatively blocked.

What are the symptoms of a blocked third eye chakra?

The sixth ancestral chakra is between the eyes on the forehead. It’s linked to intuition and psychic ability. The third eye chakra is the focal point of our mental and intuitive capabilities. 

With a balanced third eye chakra, we can more easily connect to our intuition and inner wisdom. We may also experience clairvoyance and extrasensory perception (ESP). 

A misaligned third eye chakra may cause difficulty trusting our instincts and feel disconnected from our greater knowledge. It might be tough for us to focus or concentrate.

What are some crown chakra blockage symptoms?

The crown chakra, above the top of your head, is the most important of all the chakras. 

It’s associated with spirituality and connection to the Divine, and it’s through this chakra that we connect with our higher selves.

A lotus flower with a thousand petals usually symbolizes the crown chakra. Each petal representing a different aspect of our spiritual nature.

When this chakra is in balance, we feel connected to our purpose in life and can tap into our Higher selves for guidance.We’re also able to see the beauty in all things and find peace in even the most challenging situations.

We may feel lost and disconnected from our spirituality with a blocked crown chakra.

tarot cards

How can Tarot be used to heal ancestral chakras?

People usually think of the Tarot as predicting the future or gathering information about someone. But we can also use it as a personal development tool. This is my favorite way to work with the Tarot keys.

The chakras represent the body’s seven energy centers. You can use the Tarot keys to explore your chakras and get a better understanding of how they influence your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

The Tarot can help to identify any imbalances in your chakras and then you can take steps to correct them. Working with the chakras through the Tarot can be a powerful way to promote balance and harmony.

Start by looking through your favorite Tarot deck and choose a few cards you feel drawn to. These will be the keys you use for your ancestral work.

Minor Arcana for healing the chakras

The Ace of Swords, often associated with the throat chakra, represents the power of communication and self-expression. If you feel you’re not able to express yourself authentically, this card can help you break through those barriers.

The Ace of Cups, linked to the heart chakra, symbolizes forgiveness, compassion, and love. If you’re having difficulty letting go or feeling resentment, this card might help you open your heart and connect with others.

The Two of Swords, connected with breakthroughs and new perspectives, makes it ideal for working with the crown chakra. This key can help you see things from a different perspective and connect with your higher purpose.

Major Arcana to balance ancestral chakras

A few Tarot keys in the Major Arcana that you can start working with include:

The Fool tarot card Rider Waite

1. The Fool

This key signifies new beginnings, innocence, and hope; reminding us we are all on a journey of self-discovery. Anything is possible if you open your mind to the possibilities.

By working with The Fool, you connect to your first chakra. You’re tapping into the energy of initiation, making it a great key to use if you’re starting a new project.

The Fool can also connect you with your ancestors and get their guidance. If you have questions regarding your family’s history or heritage, The Fool can assist you in obtaining answers.

2. The Magician

This is the first key in the Tarot, which corresponds to the second ancestral chakra (sacral).

The Magician is the archetype that represents our power, will, and ability to create our reality. He reminds us we are all powerful creators and we can manifest our desires.

If you want to change or improve your life this key can help make it happen.

High Priestess  tarot card Rider Waite

3. The High Priestess

The solar plexus chakra is connected to The High Priestess. She’s the second key in the Tarot and symbolizes wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and intuition, representing the seat of our power.

Intuition is something we all have access to. She reminds us it’s always there for guidance.

When you work with her, you can access the energy of intuition and wisdom. If you’re trying to decide between two options or get guidance from your forefathers, this is a fantastic key.

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How can you use the Tarot in your own readings to heal ancestral chakras?

There are many ways to work with the ancestral chakras through the Tarot. 

If you’re seeking balance in your life, you might choose a card associated with the root chakra (grounding) for the past. Pick another key associated with the heart chakra (love) for the present. Last, pick a key associated with the crown chakra (connection to Spirit) for a potential outcome.

By working with all seven chakras, you can get a comprehensive, energetic understanding of where you are and what steps you can take to create more balance in your life.

In a reading, the position of the Tarot keys can also show blocked chakras. If the root chakra card appears in the first position, it may show that you are feeling insecure.

If the solar plexus chakra key appears in the second position, it might show that you need to cultivate your power.

You may get a deeper understanding of your energy and how to maintain the balance of your chakras by using Tarot in this manner.

heal ancestral chakras

What are some benefits of healing ancestral chakras in this way?

Healing your ancestral chakras can connect you to your ancestors for guidance and support.

It cannot only cleanse your aura but also help remove any negative energies that might hold you back.

Finally, it can assist you to increase your overall vibration and accessing higher levels of consciousness.

You can gain a rich source of energy and knowledge by working with the chakra centers that connect you to your past.

Five additional ways to heal with Tarot cards for ancestral chakras

1. Ask an open-ended question and draw a card for each chakra to provide guidance.

2. If you’re feeling blocked in any area of your life, choose a card associated with the chakra that corresponds to that area. For example, if you’re having trouble with your finances, you might choose The Tower (corresponding to the root chakra) to help you identify what’s causing the blockage.

3. Use Tarot keys to track your progress as you work with the ancestral chakras. For example, you can use the same card for each chakra every week and note any changes that occur.

4. If you’re feeling disconnected from your ancestors, choose a card associated with the chakra that corresponds to your connection with them. 

If you want to connect with your maternal ancestors, you might choose The Empress (corresponding to the fourth chakra).

5. Draw a card for each chakra every New Moon and use the guidance to help you set intentions for the month ahead.

Final Thoughts On How To Heal Ancestral Chakras

The Tarot can be a powerful tool for healing the chakras and exploring your ancestral connections. 

There are many ways to work with the keys, and each provides its own set of benefits.

By using the Tarot in combination with the seven chakras, you can get a comprehensive understanding of where you are energetically and what steps you can take to create more balance in your life.

I highly recommend learning more about how to heal your ancestral chakras if you’re interested in working with your ancestors to access their wisdom and guidance.

A Tarot coaching session with me can help you understand how the energies of your chakras are affecting you. Learn more about my Tarot coaching services here.


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