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Why Avoiding Your Intuition Is A Bad Move

Before I had any clue about what human design was and its powerful applications, I went through my life making decisions that I thought were best at the time.

Here’s a perfect example.

I kept asking for a raise at one of my previous jobs but never got one. I was told, “we just need to see more”.

Are you serious? I’m a hard worker. I come in early, way earlier than I need to plus I stay late too!

I was a married working mom. Not a single woman.

So I thought “what else can I do to show I’ve got the goods and I’m worth more than you’re currently paying me?”

Have you ever found yourself in that kind of situation? Working for a boss that under-appreciates you and doesn’t truly value what you bring to the table?

Here I was fed up of asking like a broken record for more cash.

Screw it, I said. I’ll take my skills and talents elsewhere.

Now I have to set some context here.

I was upset because my boss, who said he viewed me as a sister, actually turned out to be the big not so nice older brother no one wants.

There were times when I went into the washroom at work to cry because it was too much. Not only was I dealing with chronic knee pain, but it was also very stressful working with someone who I believed let me down.

Back to the story.

I went to a job interview and it all looked great. Mo’ money, a chance to grow in the job, it sounded too good to be true.

The new potential bosses said they needed me to meet some of the existing team members before making a decision. I was totally on board with that.

I met these women and there was something in their demeanor that gave off red flags.

My gut was firing off warning shots to run… get the hell out of there.

But I didn’t. Instead, I answered their questions as politely as I could.

I was offered the position and accepted.

But for the wrong reasons.

Here is where strategy and authority for manifesting generators come in. 

Remember at this time, I had no bloody clue about human design. Man, I wish I did because I would have saved myself a boatload of frustration. 

I took the job because:

  • It offered a lot more money 
  • It was a pretty fast start date (I was dying to escape Big Brother)

My intuition wasn’t taken into consideration although it’s usually bang on.

A manifesting generator must wait for the response in making decisions because as Ra Uru Hu (founder of human design) said there’s no clarity in the now.

Today knowing what I know now because of human design, I would have:

  • Listened very carefully to what my body was saying when meeting with the other women in the interview.
  • Waited for the response in my external world, signs from the Universe as to which way to go when they offered the position.

But everything happens for a reason.

Perhaps I’ll share the valuable lesson I learned from that experience at another time.

If you’re a manifesting generator energy type:

1. Follow your strategy ( wait for the response)

2. Follow your inner authority ( in my case it’s emotional authority)

Trust me, doing so can save you a ton of anger and frustration, two not-self themes for a manifesting generator.

Would you like to know your human design energy type? Contact me to book a reading today!


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